An integrated concierge & property maintenance service

Concierge and Errand Services in the Hamptons, New York

Errand Services

Chaloners of the Hamptons' Concierge Service is about your convenience. We complete every request with alacrity and thoroughness, while our extensive list of contacts and willingness to take on virtually any task ensure that your needs are met.

A Short List of Our Services Includes:

  • Messenger/Courier
  • Car/Chauffeur
  • Personal, Grocery, and Fridge Stocking
  • Vehicle Drop-Off and Pickup
  • Dry Cleaning Pickup/Drop-off/Delivery
  • Charters, Including Sailing and Fishing
  • Flower Ordering and Delivery
  • Liaison with Service Providers
  • Reservations including: Concert, Sporting, Spa, Hotel and Restaurant

Toll Free: 1–(855)-868–0104 . Fax: 1-(917)-398-2158
P.O. Box 2836, Southampton, NY 11968