An integrated concierge & property maintenance service

About Us

Chaloner Chute and Kathleen Doherty are husband and wife and the owners and operators of Chaloners of the Hamptons. We have 25 years’ combined experience in the management of primary, secondary and rental homes. Locally owned and operated, our goal is to ensure that the specialized needs of our clients are always met. We work only with licensed, bonded and insured local services providers.

Prior to starting Chaloners of the Hamptons, Chaloner held careers in both accounting and financing. He understands how important it is to pay attention to the details. With a keen awareness that a cost-effective, efficiently managed job is within his and his clients' best interest – he is committed to providing services that reflect these key fundamentals.

Kathleen has held careers in advertising, educational fundraising and book publishing. She understands the importance of establishing and maintaining strong and fruitful relationships with extended networks of people and businesses. With 25 years running and growing four successful imprints for a major New York publisher, she is a skilled multi-tasker and she loves a deadline. No task is too small or too big – it’s all about getting the job done right and on time.

Toll Free: 1–(855)-868–0104 . Fax: 1-(917)-398-2158
P.O. Box 2836, Southampton, NY 11968